Check out our latest update on early learning and childcare in First Policy Response, “Outdoor early learning helps kids. Provinces should do more to support it,” by our very own Christine and Kayla Ritchie, and Frank Welsh.

From the article:
“We reiterate our call to provincial and territorial government departments responsible for public health and ELCC to continue to work together and with the ELCC sector to support the provision of ELCC outdoors.

This work needs to happen now. As Canada moves through the pandemic and vaccinations make it safer to gather indoors, the impetus to move ELCC outside may diminish. We are hopeful that enough ELCC programs have eagerly tried, erred and figured out outdoor learning, discovering joy and well-being in a distinct learning environment.

Christine Alden

Christine Alden

Christine has been with the Lawson Foundation as Program Director in the areas of Early Child Development and Healthy Active Children since 2012. She is currently pursuing her PhD in early learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education / University of Toronto.

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