Our Work

The Lawson Foundation is a Canadian family foundation that invests in and engages with ideas, people and organizations that contribute to the healthy development of children and youth. 

We Grant. We Convene. We (Impact) Invest.

We provide grants to charities for activities including community action, knowledge mobilization, monitoring, leadership, public policy, knowledge development, capacity building, evaluation and learning.

We act as a convenor and connector to create bridges and conversations by bringing leaders and organizations together to share knowledge and learn from one another.

We seek to use our broader financial resources to achieve both a social and a financial return and to support initiatives in an innovative and complementary way. Learn more

Our Areas of Focus

In addition to these primary areas of focus, we also support charitable initiatives through the following streams:

The Charitable Sector

Strengthening philanthropy and supporting the charitable sector.

Miggsie Fund

Honouring our roots by supporting community projects in and around London, Ontario.

5th Generation

Engaging the next generation of the Lawson Family in our philanthropy.

Strategic Direction

Learn more about our desired impact and what is guiding our work.
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