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Miggsie LawsonDuring her lifetime, Margaret Anna Lawson (Otton), wife of Tom Lawson Sr., the son of Foundation founder Ray Lawson, brought her special vitality to a variety of interests and organizations in and around London, Ontario. 

She is fondly remembered by many as Magnificent Miggsie, a compassionate listener who was always ready when needed to provide financial support to help address community issues. A tireless fund-raiser for local causes, she loved to be out and about in her signature fire engine red convertible.

The Miggsie Fund celebrates Miggsie Lawson’s love of the London area community and continues her philanthropic legacy.

Our areas of focus are broad – recognizing that as our community grows and priorities shift – so must we. We believe that supporting rural communities is important, and one of the primary reasons we made the decision to expand our catchment area to include London-Elgin-Middlesex. With the assistance of community advisors, the Fund will support initiatives in both rural and urban areas through two complimentary granting streams: 

Community Grants strengthen organizational capacity and fund projects that support a broad range of initiatives and activities that benefit the community. Small, multi-year grants. 

Opportunity Grants working collaboratively with other funders and charitable organizations, we will help support initiatives whose potential impacts have been identified as strategically significant to the community. These projects will support innovative, transformational change at the systems level. Generally, larger grants; funding period will vary. 

The purpose of this fund is to contribute to initiatives that create inclusive, equitable and accessible programs to help community thrive.


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