Miggsie Lawson

During her lifetime, Miggsie brought her special vitality to a variety of interests and organizations in the London, Ontario area. She is fondly remembered by many as Magnificent Miggsie, a compassionate listener who was also ready when needed to provide financial support to help address community issues. A tireless fund-raiser for London causes, she loved to be out and about in her signature fire engine red convertible.

Through the Fund, we will continue Miggsie’s philanthropic legacy in the London area by providing small operating or seed grants as well as matching grants that can help charities leverage other donations from the community. We also will join with other funders to help support broader community initiatives whose potential impacts have been identified as strategically important to the London area. We will contribute to initiatives that create stimulating environments and inclusive, accessible programs to help citizens live healthy, active lives in a culturally rich and diverse community.

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We are always interested in hearing about new ideas. If you have carefully read our Strategic Direction and believe that your work is closely aligned to it, we invite you to put your innovative ideas forward for potential funding support via our Ideas Portal.

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