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Frequently Asked Questions


Note:  You may want to review the FAQs more than once as questions and answers may be added over the application period.


Questions Answers
What are the minimum requirements to submit a letter of intent?

Projects should reflect the Child and Youth Diabetes Strategy’s stated focus, objectives and principles.

Projects should be Indigenous-led or co-led.

The applicant organization must be a qualified donee. 

The applicant organization and project must operate in Canada.

 Check the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Charities Listing to see if your organization or community is a qualified donee and if it has a CRA registered charitable number. 

If your organization or community is not a qualified donee, your project may be able to be funded if you partner with an organization that is a qualified donee.

When is the deadline to submit a letter of intent?

Monday, January 31, 2022 at 8:00 pm EST 

Applicants are recommended to submit as early as possible to avoid technical issues. In fairness to others, no late applications will be accepted.

How do I apply?

Click the “Apply” button above to register and apply using the Lawson Foundation’s online application system. 

Please submit your letters of intent in English.

Do not include any other attachments or hyperlinks as they will not be reviewed.

How will I know if my application has been received?

When you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

Apply early to receive your confirmation before the deadline. 

If you don’t receive a confirmation, please contact us at

When will I find out if my letter of intent has been successful or not? The goal is to communicate decisions by the end of March to let applicants know if their applications have been declined or if applicants are invited to submit a full proposal.
What are the next steps following the letter of intent?

Applicants with successful letters of intent will be invited to submit a full proposal. 

Full proposals will be due by Monday, April 25, 2022 at 8:00 EDT

Can one organization submit more than one application? Yes. We are looking for the most innovative ideas that best meet the Strategy’s focus, principles and objectives.
Will you accept a collaborative proposal from multiple organizations?

Yes, as long as the project is Indigenous-led or co-led.

The applicant organization must be a qualified donee with a key role in the project beyond just fiduciary responsibility. 

Please articulate the collaborative nature of the proposal and name the partners in your project description.

Will randomized controlled trials (RCTs) be funded? RCTs will generally not be considered for funding. However, the Foundation will consider pilot projects which have the potential to inform a future RCT.
What is the population and geographic focus of the Strategy?

Your project must be focused on:

  • Children, youth and their families, including maternal and peri-natal health, to help ensure that children and youth enter adulthood healthy and with a reduced risk of acquiring diabetes and its complications over their life course
  • Indigenous northern and remote communities in Canada 

If the project leaders/organizations are located in southern, non-remote locations, you may still be eligible to apply if your work is focused on Indigenous northern and remote communities.

What is the Foundation’s definition of “community”?

We use a broad definition of “community” that includes the geographical location as well as communities of interest or practice. 

Examples of communities of interest/practice include: 

  • Stakeholders, including people affected by diabetes, who come together to address a specific diabetes care gap for mothers and children
  • Communities working together to develop, implement and share diabetes knowledge and resources
Will we be asked to participate in the Foundation’s convening events? Yes. Successful applicants will be required to participate and be fully engaged in the Lawson Foundation’s annual diabetes workshops (in-person or virtual) and other virtual-style meetings to network and share insights and learning with each other and other influencers in the diabetes sector.  

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