The Lawson Foundation is collaborating with The Philanthropist on a series about European philanthropy and what Canadians can learn from our European counter-parts. Check out the first article authored by the Lawson Foundation’s CEO, Marcel Lauzière, on reasons why it’s increasingly important for Canadians to look to Europe for new ideas.

English Version:
Seeking Inspiration: What Canadians Can Learn from the European Philanthropic Sector:

Version Française:
À la recherche d’inspiration : ce que les Canadiens peuvent apprendre du secteur philanthropique européen: 

Marcel Lauzière

Marcel Lauzière

President & CEO at The Lawson Foundation
Marcel Lauzière is the President & CEO of The Lawson Foundation, a national family foundation that focuses on the healthy development of children and youth in Canada. Marcel has worked in the charitable and nonprofit sector, as well as in government, here in Canada and abroad. Prior to his 2014 appointment to the Lawson Foundation, Marcel was president and CEO of Imagine Canada, the national umbrella for charities.

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