In our February 26, 2024, episode of the Child & Youth Diabetes Strategy Virtual Learning and Connecting Series, we were honored to be joined by host Martha Peet, an Inuk Elder and Traditional Knowledge Keeper from Taloyaok, Nunavut. 

Martha, speaking in both English and Inuktitut, focused on the theme of “Niqitiavait,” meaning “the Good Foods.” She discussed the rich heritage of original Inuit foods and the deep-rooted connection between Indigenous communities and their land, as well as how this relationship was negatively impacted by colonization, forced relocations, residential schools, and the rising dependency on the commercial supply of processed foods that lack nutritional value.

Expanding on her own story and sharing vivid memories from growing up in the central Arctic, Martha emphasized not just the nutritional value of consuming original foods–plants and animals indigenous to the land that existed before the arrival of settlers—but also the cultural significance that hunting, foraging, preparing, and eating these foods had within Inuit communities. 

From seeing the original foods traditionally consumed in the different seasons to hearing Martha recount what it was like when the first Hudson Bay store was built in her community to understanding the modern-day reality of food insecurity in the Arctic and much more, Martha’s special conversation offered important insights everyone can learn from.

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