About Us
The Lawson Foundation is a national family foundation that invests in and engages with ideas, people and organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of children and youth and their development as active and engaged members of society.

Our Purpose

Our work is focused on the healthy development of children and youth.


We invest in three interconnected impact areas that we believe have a lasting positive effect on their development:

Early Child Development

Early Child Development

Every child should grow up in caring, supportive, healthy environments and have access to high-quality early learning opportunities.


Healthy Active Children & Youth

Increasing opportunities for all children and youth to play outdoors and contributing to to the prevention of chronic disease, in particular diabetes, will go a long way in ensuring their full potential as well as  enhancing health outcomes with lifelong benefits.

Children, Youth and the Environment

Youth and the Environment

The healthy development of youth and the health of our natural environment are inextricably linked. All young people should have opportunities to connect with nature and to contribute the power of their leadership and creativity to help ensure a healthy, sustainable environment.

We support the work of Canadians charities working in our areas of interest in three ways:


We grant

We provide grants to charities for a variety of activities including community action, knowledge mobilization, monitoring, leadership, public policy, knowledge development, capacity building, evaluation and learning.


We convene

We act as a convenor and connector to create bridges and conversations by bringing leaders and organizations together to share knowledge and learn from one another.


We invest

We seek to use our broader financial resources to achieve both a social and a financial return and to support initiatives in an innovative and complementary way.

Learn more about our desired impact and what is guiding our work in our Strategic Direction.

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