About Us

The Lawson Foundation is a national family foundation that invests in and engages with ideas, people and organizations that contribute to the wellbeing of children and youth and their development as active and engaged members of society.

Our Approach

Our work is focused on the healthy development of children and youth.


We invest in three interconnected impact areas that we believe have a lasting positive effect on their development:

Early Child Development

Early Child Development

Promoting and enhancing early child development for the benefit of children, families and Canadian society.


Healthy Active Children & Youth

Increasing opportunities for all children and youth to be active and make healthy choices to ensure their full potential, including a focus on diabetes prevention, treatment and management.

Children, Youth and the Environment

Youth and the Environment

Promoting the value of outdoor spaces and providing opportunities for children and youth to connect with, value and become stewards of their natural environment.

With a focus on collaboration and continuous learning, we support projects and initiatives of Canadian charities working in these impact areas through:


Our granting

For a variety of activities including community action, knowledge mobilization, monitoring, leadership, knowledge development, capacity building, and evaluation.


Our convening

To create bridges and conversations, by bringing leaders and organizations together to share knowledge and learn from one another.


Our impact investing

Leveraging our foundation assets to make intentional investments in social good.

Learn more about our desired impact and what is guiding our work in our Strategic Direction.

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